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World-Class Cloud DevOps Consulting Services

We offer expert guidance in implementing and optimizing DevOps practices tailored to cloud environments. These services assist businesses in leveraging cloud platforms efficiently, enabling seamless integration, automation, and scalability.

We focus on accelerating software delivery, improving collaboration, and enhancing infrastructure reliability. Through comprehensive assessments, strategic planning, and hands-on support, these consulting services empower organizations to achieve their digital transformation goals effectively.

Whether migrating to the cloud or optimizing existing workflows, Stunnerz Global Limited provide the expertise needed to maximize ROI and achieve sustainable growth.

High-velocity Cloud Devops Expertise For Business Transformation

Count on our well experienced DevOps team for Consulting Services to expedite your IT department’s projects and facilitate the adoption of DevOps best practices within your organization. We excel in constructing, deploying, and managing your vital systems, ensuring accelerated deployment, seamless releases and updates, and uninterrupted uptime. Leveraging DevOps & Cloud services, we craft comprehensive, secure, and value-driven solutions tailored to your business needs.

Infrastructure and Operations Management

Using DevOps as a Service simplifies project data flow and information sharing. Get the most out of cloud-native solutions and enhance workflow speed, infrastructure reliability, and IT agility with Stunnerz Global Limited. You will also be able to control quality and document better.

Optimization and Automation

To maximize your workload efficiency, you need a DevOps team with the ability to optimize processes. We design and implement easy-to-modify automation technologies that can be quickly adapted to business needs.

Transformation Strategies

With Stunnerz Global Limited, your cloud infrastructure will continue to advance, making your system more resilient. We provide cloud-native design and development solutions that enable business agility and accelerate the implementation of cloud applications.


Implementing DevOps practices integrates security throughout the software development lifecycle, ensuring proactive threat detection and remediation. Continuous monitoring and automated security testing guarantee robust protection, enhancing business efficiency by mitigating risks and maintaining regulatory compliance seamlessly.


Automated DevOps tools enable you to perform tasks with less human assistance, accelerating processes and scaling faster. You can achieve consistency and stability by leveraging our cloud DevOps experts.

Managed Services

Our DevOps managed services employ advanced management tools to help keep computer systems, software, and servers running smoothly while reducing the burden on your management team. We ensure the continuous availability of your business-critical systems and applications.

Lean Thinking

DevOps experts are readily available to help you with your project from day one. You can trust them to deliver reliable, on-time software updates for your application.


As a partner, you will have a vast array of communication possibilities, can enjoy hyper-collaborative teamwork, and will be able to implement automated workflows at the enterprise level so that you can communicate efficiently.


How DevOps Work to Drive Results?

DevOps specialists at Stunnerz Global Limited help our customers optimize all aspects of their IT delivery process by helping them build an implementational and well advanced plan for their DevOps transformation in order to stay competitive. By incorporating our DevOps approach, we accelerate time-to-market, deliver continuous innovation, and enhance the quality of applications to yield valuable results for our clients. Get the best ROI you want with Stunnerz Global Limited DevOps consulting services!

In order to ensure the highest level of data protection, Stunnerz Global Limited experts implement end-to-end security measures and rely on the most advanced tools and security practices.

Stunnerz Global Limited is at the forefront of utilizing the best scaling mechanisms in their operations. With a keen focus on scalability, performance, and reliability, we employ a dynamic approach that combines horizontal and vertical scaling, auto-scaling, and container orchestration.

Stunnerz Global maximizes cost efficiency by leveraging the most suitable cloud services tailored to your needs. Through careful analysis and optimization, we utilize a mix of on-demand and reserved instances, right-sizing resources to match workload demands.

Stunnerz Global Limited harnesses the power of synchronized cloud services to drive efficiency, agility, and innovation in their operations. By seamlessly integrating various cloud platforms and services, we optimize resource utilization, enhance collaboration, and ensure data consistency.

Businesses are experiencing a revolution because the cloud is more than just a technology. Invest in tomorrow's success with our future-proof cloud strategies to transform your operations and develop cutting-edge products or services for potential customers. Discover how our dedicated cloud efforts lead to 360-degree business solutions that deliver successful business outcomes.


24/7 Customer Support

We have a diligent and responsive customer service team at Stunnerz Global Limited. As a company dedicated to providing top-quality customer service, we are always ready to offer customized solutions to our valued clients' problems. With 24/7 coverage from DevOps engineers, you can be sure that your applications will operate efficiently and securely.


As we grow, we have taken on the responsibility of assisting SMEs as well as Fortune 500 companies to take their businesses to the next level. We have a diverse team of devops experts who can help with smooth cloud transitions, infrastructure management, cloud maintenance, security consulting, and application development.


As a leading DevOps consulting company in the UK, we recognize the importance of advancing technologies in cloud migration to meet future needs. Providing our customers with advanced features, seamless integrations, and comprehensive benefits is the key to our successful technology partnerships. We also streamline & automate release delivery to increase frequency & reliability.

Free Estimations

Our devops consulting services are cost-effective and come with free estimates of cloud computing solutions tailored to meet your business objectives. We make it easy for you to automate your finances by setting up a plan. We go beyond visibility and drive full accountability throughout the entire cycle of cloud usage.

How Is Devops Reshaping The Digital World & Becoming A Need For Every Business?

An operational approach to DevOps automation focuses on collaboration, communication, and integration between the IT department and the software development team. DevOps services and solutions are driving rapid digital change with unprecedented growth across businesses worldwide as digital transformation takes hold. Despite advancements in cloud technologies, deploying all enterprise data to the cloud remains challenging for many organizations due to a lack of technical skills and unfamiliarity with digital transformation processes.

Do you need support for your IT system or an application? Count on us!

Stunnerz Global Limited helps companies succeed in this digital era by bringing businesses and IT closer together and maximizing processes to generate new business value.

The DevOps consultancy and implementation services we offer are customized to cover the entire lifecycle of DevOps. In addition, you can opt for our unified communication services to make your collaboration or communication cost-efficient and futuristic.

Eustaquio Follosco Jr CTO

"Stunnerz Global Limited transformed our operations with their exceptional DevOps/Cloud services. Their expertise streamlined our development processes, accelerating time-to-market for our products. With their robust cloud solutions, we've achieved unmatched scalability and reliability, fueling our business growth like never before!"

Andy Ibarra SRE

"Thanks to Stunnerz Global Limited's DevOps/Cloud services, our company experienced a remarkable transformation. Their tailored solutions optimized our infrastructure, boosting efficiency and reducing costs. Their proactive approach to security ensured our data remained protected, giving us peace of mind as we expanded our digital footprint."

William Wallace CEO

"Stunnerz Global Limited exceeded our expectations with their DevOps/Cloud services. Their team's dedication and expertise revolutionized our software delivery pipeline, enabling rapid iterations and seamless deployments. With their support, we've elevated our competitiveness in the market, driving innovation and delivering unparalleled value to our customers."

What Our Clients Says

Initial Phase

Let's initiate the process. At this stage, we collaborate to delineate the diverse challenges and opportunities your business aims to tackle.

  • Initially, we'll engage in discussions with you to comprehend the business requirements, technical motivations, and financial budgets.
  • Subsequently, our team will conduct a thorough Technical Audit, encompassing the complete inventory of your technology stack. This includes all components and external systems or supporting services within the scope of migration.
  • Additionally, we will examine existing design documentation and code repositories.



With the Discovery phase concluded, the next phase involves documenting our understanding.

  • We will collaboratively develop a Statement of Work (SoW) that outlines your definition of success and details how our team plans to execute the project to achieve that success.
  • Following this, we will provide you with an estimated bid. Through discussions, we aim to reach an agreement on the proposed cost.
  • Upon mutual agreement, representatives from both our teams will proceed to sign the Statement of Work (SoW) and Master Service Agreement (MSA).



Get ready for the journey!

  • Our project manager designs a plan in accordance to the SoW.
  • The team adapts to unforeseen circumstances, reassessing and pivoting as required.
  • Everything is logged in JIRA, revealing ongoing work and task completion times.
  • Weekly emails provide a breakdown of hours worked, categorized by team members and tasks.
  • Clients join Teams for immediate collaboration with the our Consulting team.



Maintaining ongoing communication is vital for achieving success.

  • At the end of each 2-week sprint a meeting is held with both your team and ours.
  • We present the accomplishments of that time.
  • Gather feedback on previous and upcoming sprints.
  • Ensures timely implementation of requested changes.

Meetings with customers


You are now prepared to unveil your project to the world.

  • Our team will develop a plan for migrating to the new infrastructure.
  • A final security audit will be conducted, reviewing security groups, user accounts, and key rotations.
  • Our development team will work closely with you to facilitate a seamless transition.
  • Verification of optimal performance for all services will be ensured.

Going Live

Ongoing support

The journey continues post-launch.

  • Following a successful transition, we maintain regular contact, offering ongoing support and continuous development services.
  • Regular billing audits are conducted to ensure expenditures align with the allocated budget.
  • Additional documentation is prepared to aid in using and implementing your new software solution or infrastructure. This often includes infrastructure diagrams, flow charts of network requests, or any other visual aids.
  • Should you decide to embark on a new project, we guide you through the same seamless process.


Our Process

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