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AI & Data Analytics

Cambridge Consultants is constantly building on its heritage in AI and its applications, including Bayesian inference, real-time signal processing and data analysis. And we continue to push our technical skills in areas such as predictive analytics, deep learning, edge AI and empathetic AI.
We work with clients to push the boundaries of the human-machine interface to develop edge AI use cases, generative AI models, new supervised machine learning models and types of data analytics. These will help unlock new frontiers in areas such as uncrewed aerial vehiclessynthetic biology, remote monitoring systems, telecoms and beyond.

AI strategy: Setting direction

We offer an unparalleled and rare mixture of market insight and deep tech expertise. Our services encompass meticulous technology evaluation, insightful partner and ecosystem assessment, thorough options analysis, and unwavering investment case and transaction support.

Embracing the potential of limitless innovation

If you add our deep tech expertise to the scale of our parent company Capgemini, we can take you from the tough technical to the business transformational – a true end-to-end service.
Together we can help you navigate the complex landscape in areas such as edge AI, synthetic biology, gen AI, Human-machine understanding, and AI assurance, ensuring you remain at the forefront of innovation.

What is AI?

and how to innovate now for a thriving future

Four fundamentals of AI innovation


Turning raw sensor data into context and meaning


Building systems that anticipate, plan and interact


Making AI run smaller, faster, cheaper


Creating new services from distributed data


Our AI perception services help elevate the value of machines through real-world, real-time interpretation of complex data sets and advanced sensing inputs. This enables machines to understand the world around them with astonishing clarity.
Our state-of-the-art data science skills and simulation techniques enable you to gain clarity in various domains, from helping farmers detect crop health to enabling healthcare professionals to make precise diagnoses. Our solutions bring intelligence to the forefront of decision-making.


Collecting and correctly interpreting data is the start, but true intelligence comes from making the best, informed decision and take optimal actions. Getting this right will foster better collaboration between machines and humans.
We can help you enhance machine performance through the power of intelligent decision-making in areas such as co-ordinating national infrastructureautonomous platforms, or deploying reinforcement learning agents.


Edge AI unlocks transformative products and services by deploying artificial intelligence beyond traditional data centres. We work with clients to overcome size, cost, power and connectivity constraints, with pioneering edge AI solutions.
Our track record includes signal processing in billions of mobile phones and AI integration in smart inhalers, generating billions of dollars of value for our clients. Trust us to create and optimise world-leading silicon platforms, shaping the future of AI.


Data is ubiquitous, holding the power to transform organisations and revolutionise markets. We can support the creation of data-driven service concepts that address real-world needs with agility and impact.
Our team consists of experts in data science, big data, user experiencephysics, and device-to-cloud engineering. They have the ability to transform your organization and revolutionize your market.

We can help you achieve the seemingly impossible

Pedigree & prowess

For decades, global corporations, governments and policy makers have turned to us to understand and harness the potential of data science and artificial intelligence.
From a heritage in Bayesian inference and hard, real-time signal processing, we’re now advancing the state-of-the-art in deep learning, creating world-leading sensing systems and pushing the limits of device performance.

Tech, tools & facilities

AI infrastructure

Our onsite compute infrastructure allows us to explore options, train and test models more rapidly and get better results.
We run petaflop-scale, containerised compute on site, with multiple NVIDIA DGX-1 Deep Learning Supercomputers and other GPU and FPGA-accelerated servers. This links to petabyte-scale local NetApp storage, project-specific cloud and our continuous integration systems.

Data, development & test labs

With one petabyte local storage and specialised hardware for telecoms chassis design, machine learning development and more, this facility allows us to develop, test and operate new cloud-ready digital services rapidly in a secure environment.
It enables rapid end-to-end prototyping and experimentation of sensitive concepts. We work across the full spectrum of cloud service providers, supporting both public and private infrastructures.

Scalable software test facility

Continuous integration (CI) is central to building and delivering high-quality software. Our virtualised CI test facility enables us to test complex software at scale, with or without hardware in the loop, to identify problems earlier and fix them faster. It provides a clean, isolated virtual build environment, pre-loaded with industry-leading tools such as Coverity static analysis. CI testing is integrated with our version control, enabling every software revision to be automatically built, tested on real hardware and analysed.

Case studies

Purina Petivity

How AI-powered connected products are enabling Purina to grow its business for good

AI that decides the best response to a cyberattack

The Defence and Science Technology Laboratory (Dstl) set a seriously tough challenge… to develop next generation systems to respond autonomously to a cybersecurity attack on military systems. The multidisciplinary CC team responded by applying a truly leading-edge AI solution and demonstrating a proof of concept in a challenging application.

AI-powered service innovation for Hitachi

Creating an IoT platform that unlocks new digital services and revenue streams

High performance communication for Park Air Systems

Designing a new generation of the market-leading air traffic control radio system

Tech, tools & facilities

SAGES Surgical Disruptive Innovation Summit & NBT Innovation Weekend 2024

The Marriott Marquis, Houston, Texas
The Society of American Gastrointestinal and Endoscopic Surgeons (SAGES) is hosting their annual Surgical Disruptive Technology Summit and NBT (Next Big Thing) Innovation Weekend, February 22-24, 2024. The event is designed to be a different type of surgical meeting, where industry and providers can connect to have open dialogue about innovations in surgical technology and surgical practice. Cambridge Consultants will be sponsoring and speaking at this year’s event.

Mobile World Congress 2024

Fira Gran Via, Barcelona
At Mobile World Congress 2024 we’ll showcase the deep technology that is set to change the face of telecommunications, helping our clients expand the boundaries of innovation and unlock new business value.


Stewart Marsh, Head of Aerospace, will be leading the “How AI Empowers Global Satellite Connectivity” session at SATELLITE 2024 – the premier destination for those seeking to stay at the forefront of the satellite industry.
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